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What is a Dyno?

Dynamometer or Dyno for short, is a performance diagnostic tool that is used to accurately and simultaneously measure the rear wheel horsepower, torque, speed, and RPM of any motorcycle by allowing us to ride the bike on a stationary platform while collecting data. It can accurately test from as little as 5 horsepower, and up to as high as 750 horsepower.

Why Dyno your motorcycle?

Running your motorcycle on the Dyno can provide you with a ton of useful information! We run the motorcycle on our Dynamometer machine to not only measure torque and horsepower throughout the RPM range but also diagnose multiple aspects of the motorcycle. The information a Dyno run or graph provides also allows us to maximize all aspects of the motor to achieve power and efficiency. We can tell from the graph if the motorcycle is running properly, wasting fuel, or is not up to full potential.